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So...What exactly is Boutique-style catering?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Whenever the term boutique-style catering is mentioned, everyone asks "What does that really mean?" or "Why should I hire?". Well, it may sound like a fancy term used in an elevator pitch, but it definitely has more value.

Boutique-style catering specializes in creating intimate and personalized events for various social occasions including weddings. The focus is on executing an amazing experience from food and in many instances, staging and decor as well.

Here are some specifics to know about this style of catering:

  • Provides customized service from consultations to event execution taking special care and consideration when planning the menu and logistics for your special event whether an in-home private party or full-service wedding at an off-site venue.

  • The Chef enjoys having creative license when crafting a menu for the special occasion. These are professionals who take into account the best way to source fresh and local as well as the seasonality of certain ingredients. This also gives you the opportunity to try different cuisines and experience the creative style of the Chef and to express any dietary customizations that may be needed.

  • The company builds relationships with suppliers and vendors to help source quality ingredients and event needs that make for an amazing food and event planning experience.

  • Hiring a boutique-style caterer helps to set the tone for your occasion by letting your guests know the event will be catered and reduces the level of stress for you, as the host, by having someone assist with the planning and takes care of the cooking and cleaning.

Boutique-style caterers pay attention to the details and want to hear all about your special occasion in order to truly highlight the food experience and present it in a dynamic way.

Ready to experience boutique-style catering? Below are just a few FAQs to have when considering:

Q: What style and types of events do they do most often?

A: Event style and types vary from private dinner parties to weddings and every occasion in between. Intimate events are usually up to 50 guests. Medium-sized events are anywhere from 50 to 150 guests while larger-sized events are 150+ guests.

Q: What types of cuisine do they enjoy cooking?

A: Client taste preferences and event styles are unique and are treated as such. The Chef may have a signature, but may present options for you to try different cuisines and to experience their creative style.

Q: Do they offer full-service catering and can assist with other aspects of event planning (event décor, etc.)?

A: In most cases, yes. It is important to share the style of service desired and your budget details. This helps with planning and sourcing the right vendors.

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my date?

A: Your event is considered a unique experience so securing the date as far in advance as possible is highly recommended. This allows the caterer time to source just what is needed for an amazing experience.

Remember, amazing food and presentation is everything when it comes to boutique-style catering! Every client wants to enjoy their event to the fullest and have their guests muse over the overall experience time and time again.

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29 août 2023

where do yall make the food and everything like that at?

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