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Catering During COVID-19

Updated: May 19, 2021

In the March 2021 Catering Newsletter, I shared some insight with you on micro weddings and their appearance on the scene as a more intimate alternative to celebrating nuptials.

Today, let's take the conversation a step further as I share several other ways you can celebrate your special events and occasions during COVID-19.

Catering has always required levels of creativity when executing some of your most memorable milestones and moments in life. COVID-19 didn't change that fact at all but actually caused the industry to think outside the box even more and enhance the levels of creativity by offering various socially distant ways of event enjoyment.

So, whether you're planning something for now or next year, this industry knows that these service styles aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

Intimate Gatherings

Shrinking the guest list for events is where many have taken precautions to keep themselves and their guests safe. Micro events have become more popular by way of state mandates and guidelines that were set forth for a period of time. As a result, people really are spending more time celebrating events in their homes or in smaller venues and Airbnb locations.

Individual Packaging

For both in person and virtual events, meals in a box or other high quality disposable packaging have made an appearance like never before. This gives each guest a personalized meal experience where you don't have to worry about hiring Servers or engage in a large amount of clean up. Whether delivered to one central location where all your guests will gather or to each individual's home, lunches, dinners, even cocktail party and small bites boxes are definitely a game changer for socially distant gathering.

Served Buffets and Action Stations

The days of self service buffet dining have been impacted and changed the most. You will find when you look to hire a caterer for a buffet service today, Servers and Waitstaff will most likely be a part of the package. This minimizes touch points when guests are eating from the buffet. Action stations are lots of fun too and is where a Chef prepares and serves something spectacular from the menu right in front of you and your guests.

Disposable Displays

There are a variety of unique vessels that are used in catering that make for interesting displays at an event. Individual items such as mini plates, cups, and bowls, cones, boards, etc. make it easier for guests to pick up the food items they wish to enjoy and give you the piece of mind in knowing that guests are not using the same serving utensils.

Virtual Orders

Having the ability to place an order online isn't just for fast food and delivery vendors any longer. Catering is and continues to move toward offering customers the ability to place orders and pay online.

COVID Safety and Cleaning Procedures

When hiring a catering service, you may be interested in knowing what their policies are in maintaining a safe food environment in light of social distancing. If this is not posted on the Caterers website, simply ask the Caterer for this and they will be glad to share this with you. Safety has been and will always be a priority when executing food experiences.

Outdoor Dining

If you live an area where the weather and temperatures are conducive to more outdoor living and entertaining, don't be afraid to take the event outside. With just a few rentals such as tables, chairs, and perhaps a tent, you can have the perfect celebration in your backyard or at a local park or venue that has outdoor amenities for events.

And there you have it! This is not an all inclusive list but a great start in showing you that there are many service style options available to engage with your friends and loved ones for those special moments.

Interested in planning or discussing options for your next event? Click the link below and let's chat about it!


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