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How to Transform Your Next Catered Event

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Experiential catering is known to seamlessly blend food and beverages along with food staging and event design. When you work with Knife & Faulk as your caterer, we help to create a memorable event with your vision at the forefront coupled with our ability and expertise in immersing all the senses.


The presentation of our catered service is enhanced by the colors, décor, lighting, and the vessels our food is served on. This creates a visual production and sets high expectations before guests even begin dining.


The aromas that permeate the atmosphere are a significant indication of what you and your guests can anticipate for a successful culinary experience and will have you salivating as you enter the event space.


Reactions are everything! The “ooh’s”, “aah’s”, and “mmm’s” that you’ll hear during the event will heighten the celebration.


From the serving utensils to the interactive vessels and showpieces the food is served in and on, you get to feel the excitement of the culinary experience before tasting it.


Finally, and most importantly, your curated menu selections are presented with high quality ingredients and layers of flavor that are sure to have you and your guests return over and over again.

Engaging the five senses during an experiential catered experience is the upgrade your next celebration deserves, and our team of professionals are available to help you get there.


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