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Considering Dry Weddings

From the décor to dress, every aspect of your wedding should be exactly what you dream it to be. To some couples, that may mean removing a traditional part of the celebrations...the alcohol.

A Dry Wedding is a wedding where no alcohol is served. The alcohol may be absent from the event menu for several reasons including financial, religious, sobriety, or simply the bride and groom’s personal preference. "People are becoming more aware of the potential risks accompanying overindulgence in alcohol and are leaning towards less restrictive ways of celebrating special occasions," says Jacqueline Vizcaino, owner of Tinted Events Design and Planning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 2013, Dry January has grown internationally. With particular popularity in Canada and the U.S., Dry January is a time when thousands upon thousands abstain from all alcoholic beverages for a month. Dry Weddings have grown in favorability right alongside Dry January. It may have started as a trend among the health and wellness conscious, but now is considered as a creative and thoughtful change to a traditional wedding.

If the bride and groom have decided on a dry wedding, out of courtesy and to diffuse any confusion, they might highlight it on their invitation. With invitations being offered to family and friends, a dry wedding should not deter anyone from attending. Beverages are still needed for the event and refreshing non-alcoholic options are available. A dry wedding can be just as fun with personalized mocktails, sparkling ciders, and more.

A night full of dancing will make everyone thirsty. Depending on how creative the caterer is, the beverages supplied will leave your guests in awe. Knife & Faulk can think outside the box and knows how to deliver flavorful non-alcoholic beverages to rival any alcoholic drink while keeping all attendees hydrated. A signature mocktail can keep the event special to the couple. Servers can pass the beautiful drink around when it is time for toasts so that everyone can enjoy the festivities, even the kids.

At the end of the night, a dry wedding with Knife & Faulk can be remembered for photo worthy, and craveable, food and drinks. When considering the bar for your wedding, keep in mind that a dry wedding can absolutely be a fun wedding.


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