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Experiential Catering: More than a Trend

Your catering experience should be described as exciting, impressive, and memorable.

Over the years, food trends tend to come and go. One thing remains the same and that is the yearn for creativity. Social media allows creative people to experiment to the full extent. It also increases people’s expectations for their own events. In the world of catering, this means that your event should have more than just food, it should be a dining experience to remember.

Noodles served in Take-out Boxes

Imagine being invited to an exclusive event. From the moment you arrive, you are entranced by the atmosphere around you. Experiences seamlessly blend together with the food and drinks so that when you depart, you remember the evening as a whole, every aspect as memorable as the next. This is what sets apart experiential catering from simply serving food. Knife & Faulk aims to immerse you in a unique food experience that will surprise and delight guests before they even can take a bite.

Late Night Snack of Popcorn

The goal of experiential catering is to capture an ambiance around the food at your event. The presentation is formed off the colors, décor, lighting, smells, the vessels your food is served through, and the method to which it is served. From the beginning of your event planning to the day of, experiential catering demands a production. Meals that bring back fond memories, food stations with themes, a friendly staff that politely interacts with the guests, all lead to defining what is known as experiential catering.

Tostada Action Station

Catering trends appear to be swinging more and more towards experiencing your food to the fullest. For example, with the option to customize your pasta being made right in front of you, being served the savory dish as is while sitting at the table no longer as the same appeal. Experiential meals crave highlights that are photo op and social media worthy as an attempt to capture the multisensory dining experience. This type of catering challenges the traditional catering expectations to include live action stations, theatrics, and interactive food activities. The only limit is your caterer’s creativity.

Parisian Charcuterie Board

As an informed and imaginative caterer, Knife & Faulk understands that an exceptional menu accompanied by the performance of experiential catering is the key to an exciting and memorable event. We strive to produce delicious meals that will go hand in hand with your event vision. In the highly competitive arena of catering, the caterer who intentionally seeks to be original, innovative, and unafraid to walk the experiential lane, will be the most sought after.


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