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As a child, born and raised in the NY Tristate area, Chef Marlene Faulkner enjoyed spending time in the kitchen admiring the cooking styles and techniques of several members of her family.  After years of studying, she could easily be found baking cookies and preparing meals for family and friends. 

Chef Faulkner completed her degree in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Institutional Management majoring in Culinary Arts and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  She began her professional culinary journey working in corporate food service and banquet facility catering for several years.  She has also spent a sizable part of her career successfully leading teams and revenue operations in the healthcare industry while continuing to pursue her passion for catering. 


After residing in the NY Tristate Area all of her life, Chef Faulkner desired to live in the South where she could share the cooking styles and exceptional presentation she learned and developed along the way.  Currently located in McKinney, Texas, her desire to connect with her new home state and introduce her flare for entertaining is what birthed Knife & Faulk, LLC.  It is quite evident that Chef Faulkner has an undeniable love for serving food and entertaining and believes Texas is where the two come together perfectly.


As the Chef and Owner of Knife & Faulk, her signature is providing boutique-style catering for events and special occasions which makes the difference when it comes to setting a standard of excellence in service and creating amazing culinary experiences for all those she has served.  Knife & Faulk, LLC specializes in Modern American cuisine and transforms simple menu items into tantalizing visual displays, where taste and flavor are never an understatement.  You owe it to yourself to experience Knife & Faulk!



From baking cookies to preparing meals for family and friends, the dream of catering began as a local business in Old Bridge, New Jersey. The team included a father/daughter duo who loved to cook and bake for any occasion.  


Currently located in McKinney, Texas, Knife & Faulk enjoys creating eclectic menus, dishes, and complimentary presentations, turning every catering opportunity into a culinary adventure.  Specializing in Modern American cuisine along with several subspecialties, simple menu items are transformed into tantalizing visual displays, where taste and flavor is never an understatement.  


The customization and personal nature that is created in every menu embraces a unique experience for your special event or occasion.

Cooking, it's not just about the Food, It's about Connecting with People.

Marlene Faulkner

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